Women Safety & Participation

Initiatives Undertaken


FEARLESS is an endeavor to get women to make a strong statement about their right to reclaim spaces. It is a 3KM and 5KM midnight run conducted by us in association with the city’s police force to encourage women to be courageous and run at any hour on the streets of the city.
FEARLESS is not a protest, it is a statement of fact, a call to solidarity. Women will run, walk and celebrate themselves and reclaim the night in a strong statement of affirmation of who they are, and what they must do, to feel safe and secure
In every city the Fearless Run is organized in association with the City's Police Force
The run is our endeavor to inspire women, empower them by creating a safe space for them to run at midnight, and change the way society thinks.

Spirit of Pinkathon

Trained By Milind Soman
The SPIRIT OF PINKATHON is a city to city run for women with an ultra-running distance of approximately 150km and is an initiative to celebrate the potential of the human spirit. The purpose is also to spread awareness that a fit woman will build a fit & healthy family and to nurture the self belief required to conquer any obstacle .
Women participating in the Spirit of Pinkathon typically run a distance of 150 kms over a span of 3 days from a city to the city in which the Pinkathon is being conducted. E.g Pune to Mumbai for Pinkathon Mumbai
The inspirational ideology revolves around the statement ‘IF I CAN ANYONE CAN’. It is an attempt for women to break boundaries and expand their limits, test their abilities to adapt and build a resilient willingness to explore what your body can achieve, if your mind has the freedom to imagine.

100 Days of Pinkathon

The 100 days of Pinkathon is a social activity conducted by the Ambassadors of Pinkathon in an effort to encourage more and more women to adopt an active lifestyle by engaging in a physical fitness activity each day for 100 days, with the most common form being running.
With this activity, women are encouraged to run a convenient distance every day for 100 days following up to a Pinkathon running event.
For women to improve their health and overall fitness, they are encouraged to run everyday to inlculcate the habit of fitness and help them adopt an active lifestyle