Projects for Fundraising

Pinkathon Philanthropy: Proposed Projects

USF proposes to execute following projects from the money raised through the challenge. The cost of each project is between INR 8-15 lakhs. Corporate/Individuals are encouraged to take-up any one project, entirely or in part, as their cause for donation or fundraising. **

Focus area- Education; Project- Increasing Enrollment & Retaining Girls' in Schools
To increase girl's enrollment and retention in schools through intervention at the school and the community level
Focus area- Education; Project- Developing Pink School
To integrate components that make government schools, "Girls Friendly" like ensuring girls toilets are in working condition, provision for clean toilets, proper waste disposal system, sustainable menstrual hygiene management, other health and hygiene aspects, etc.

Focus area- Health & Fitness; Project-Economising Healthcare for girls & women from marginalised communities
To provide affordable healthcare for marginalised girls/women through health check-up camps and taking care of their medical needs.
Focus area- Livelihood & Skill Development; Project-Empowering women towards Financial independence
Skill training for women to support alternate income generation / livelihood, based on interest and feasibility

Focus area- Women Safety, Rights & Participation; Project-An all about Women Safety Campaign
USF will run a digital campaign on Women Safety.
Project-Fundraiser's Choice
USF works on six thrust areas. Each of these are listed on our website You can suggest a project of your choice to raise funds and USF will implement the project.

General donation to USF

Corporate/Individual can make a general donation to USF to be utilized for priority projects.
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