Inclusivity for All Women

Initiatives Undertaken

Baby Wearing Mother’s Run

One of the most common reasons for women not finding the time to walk or exercise is having young children at home. In the industrialized world, baby wearing has gained popularity. We conduct a walk for mothers wearing their new-born and young babies to garner public awareness on the benefits of baby wearing and thus promote bonding within and between families
The walk is conducted prior to the Pinkathon run, to inspire a sense of confidence in the mothers community of wearing their babies and walking/running.
It is our initiative to encourage participation from this section of the women’s society and make them feel comfortable about wearing their babies and walking/running

Mother Daughter Obstacle Race

To wield the mother-daughter bond as an important factor of encouraging participation, we conduct the mother-daughter obstacle race prior to each Pinkathon. The teams participating are pairings of mothers and daughters.
The objective of the Obstacle Race is to foster a sense of team spirit and promote the idea of having fun while doing a physical activity, thus encouraging participation in the run.
The course is made up of different obstacles such as hurdles, ladders, crawling under nets and many more interesting things!

See From The Heart Run

In the effort to create an opportunity for more visually impaired people to join & interact with the mainstream community at Pinkathon, we conduct a training run for the visually impaired who are accompanied by pacers wearing blindfolds The See from the Heart run is conducted prior to the Pinkathon in each city
It will foster a greater understanding & empathy between two world’s & give sighted runners more than a glimpse into lives they can only imagine
At the same time, it inspires the visually-impaired runners to participate in the Pinkathon and adope a healthy lifestyle despite their blindness

I Inspire Wheelchair Race

As wheel Chairs cannot be allowed during the main Pinkathon event, we organise special races for the Differently Abled.] These races are conducted prior to the Pinkathon run to encourage an active lifestyle among the differently abled as well as we believe there should be no limitations for the same.
The various categories at this race such as the Independent Manual Wheelchair, Dependent Wheelchair Children, Girls with crutches, boys with crutches, etc. have been curated with the message of inclusivity for all, by portraying that any form of disability is no barrier to running or engaging in an active lifestyle.