How to start Fundraising?

Even if you were not able to participate in Pinkathon, here is your chance to become a Pink Challenger. Through this, you also get a chance to make a difference in the life of a woman or girl in need, by getting engaged with USF’s work on women empowerment through education, awareness and capacity building and strengthening USF's efforts in all areas.
Raising money in any form takes time, practice, dedication, and skill - precious individuals who volunteer to become a fundraiser need to keep in mind:

1. Create a page for your chosen cause at We will help if needed.
2. Share your page link with people who know you, ask them to spread it to people they know and so it grows.
3. Keep your donors updated on the progress you have made and the impact their donations will make. We will provide the reports and information.
4. The fundraising challenge is till 31st March 2020. Your projects will be implemented post 1st April 2020.
5. A status report of fundraising and projects executed will be shared with you in October 2020.

What do you need to decide before creating your fundraising page?

1. Focus area in which you want to raise funds.
2. Project that you want to raise funds for.
3. Write your own story of why you want to raise funds for that project. Please also select one or two pictures that can be linked to your story.
4. Your specific message to the prospective donors.

Where will the project be implemented?

USF is a national level organisation that also works with other NGO partners, particularly in the 8 Pinkathon cities. If for a project the funds raised are over 8 lakhs (which is the minimum cost of a project to be implemented) the project can be implemented on the proposed theme and location anywhere in the country. If the funds raised are lesser than the minimum 8 lakhs, either USF would try and raise funds from other sources, or the funds will be utilised for other priority projects.

Pink Challenger Awards:

Sr. No.CategoriesFundraising Amount
1Pink Challengers                     1 lac and above
A(Individuals above 18 years) 
 Pink Believers1-3 lacs
 Pink Warriors3 +  upto 5 lacs
 Pink Transformers5+ upto 7.5 lacs
 Pink Nurturers 7.5+ upto 10 lacs
 Pink ChampionsMore than 10 lacs
B(Individuals 18 and below)10,000 and above
 Pink Thinkers10,000- 49,999
 Pink Ninjas 50,000 and above
3Pink Enhancer                            (Corporate donation)1 lac and above
 Top 3 corporate will also have special awards 
4Pink Enabler                                    (Corporate + employees) At least 1 lac from Corporate and 25K from employees
 Top 3 corporate will also have special awards 
5NGOs Award1 lac and above
 All NGOs raising over 1 lac for their women programs will be awarded 
6Pinkathon Ambassador Award*Above 100 points
*Pinkathon Ambassadors will be awarded with points for every step they take in the challenge. Also refer section on Pink Ambassadors